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The Enamels collection offers a unique blend of coded layers, featuring 12,000 one-of-a-kind art pieces spread across 8 layers. With spiritual symbolism, killer color combos, and rare traits, each piece is individually branded, titled, and numbered by Hearts4 Enamels. Explore a kaleidoscope of colors and the thrill of obtaining rare objects, including laser and blast beams in various colors and mirror chrome charms.

Stacked Layered Enamels On-chain.


Imagine a filing box filled with valuable files, each recorded on a ledger and spread out across a decentralized network to verify your important data. Each image represents 2,640 assets across 8 layers, giving life to 12,000 unique art pieces. We blend selected colors, patterns, and gradients for a cool lighting effect, all inside that box. And guess what? It's got spiritual symbolism, killer color combos, and six crew colorways. Add some chrome charms, and you've got yourself a masterpiece. Oh, and each piece is individually branded, named, and titled by Hearts4 Enamels, so you know it's a one-of-a-kind edition.

Blending Coded Layers On-Chain.


Back in the day, as graffiti writers, we used to hit up hardware and paint shops all over the country, on the hunt for rare and discontinued paint colors. Whenever new colors dropped, it brought a whole new vibe to the graffiti scene. Using that old-school paint really made you stand out and earn respect. This series came to life from that inspiration. Sandro personally picked out 80 swatches from memory and matched them with vintage color charts. These colors are the heart and soul of the entire collection, with rarity values based on how hard or easy it was to find them.

A Kaleidoscope of Rare Possibilities.


80 colors that inspired The Enamels Hearts4 NFT Collection

Playing board games brings a thrilling sense of progress towards a goal. And now, imagine adding lasers and energy beams to the mix! Plus, there's a chance of obtaining rare objects - only 28% of owners will have them. These objects come with extra trait scores and super rare Enamels NFTs. Laser and blast beams are available in 10 different colors, while rare Charms come in mirror chrome: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Blue, Red, and Carbon.

Get Your Bling On!


Each piece is named and accompanied by one of eighty heart quotes. Each title adds another layer and contributes to the rarity rating for each NFT.

Ace of Hearts - Angel Heart - At the Heart of It All - Big Heart - Blackheart - Broken Heart - Burning Heart - Change of Heart - Close to My Heart - Dog's Heart - Don't Question Your Heart - Eat Your Heart Out - Follow Your Heart - Full of Heart - Happy Heart - Hard Hearted... Just to name a few.



Heart titles placed on each NFT The Enamels Hearts4 NFT Collection

These backgrounds are a fusion of slip treads, fashion, and architectural patterns, incorporating a captivating blend of colors and effects. They consist of meticulously layered elements, featuring 80 artboards and 5 base layers. This includes 80 vibrant color backgrounds, 80 translucent white patterns for intricate geometry, 80 translucent black to clear liner and radial gradient lighting effects, 80 elegant black halos designed as rings, and 80 white overlays that create an illuminating effect. Each of these layers contributes to the iconic and spiritually illuminating nature of these backgrounds.

Utility Based on Geometry Patterns


Hearts4 ENAMEL NFTs offer a collection of juicy colors across six sets known as Crews these include in our first series: The Solids, The Halves, The Quarters, The Eights, The Thirds, and The Mixers. Each family showcases unique variations in 80 colors, carefully crafted to fit distinct themed areas. With 14 spot color spaces and no duplicates, these NFTs represent a full spectrum of color combos.

What Set You Claimen?


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