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Revolutionizing the Intersection of Art, Philanthropy, and Social Impact.

Metamorphosis Room in The Hearts4 Project museum tour

Hearts4 is an innovative art project that has captured the attention of art enthusiasts and creators alike. This visionary initiative combines art, brands, and charities under the theme of "Impact," establishing itself as a platform for artistic expression and social change.

At its core, Hearts4 aims to build a vibrant community of artists, brands, and charities inspired by its success and influence. By showcasing the transformative power of art to drive positive change, Hearts4 becomes a catalyst for collaborations with like-minded organizations who share a passion for making a difference.

Transparency, Authentication, and Monetization On-chain.

Transparency, authentication, and on-chain monetization are at the heart of Hearts4's innovative vision. This groundbreaking generative NFT series serves as a unique fundraising mechanism, supporting the creation of an extensive collection of artworks within a virtual museum. Each sale of a generative NFT directly contributes to the development and curation of these real-life artistic pieces.

In addition to offering limited-edition art, the generative NFT series fosters a community that inspires brands and charities alike. Hearts4's success and influence encourage collaboration, leveraging its artistic and social impact to drive meaningful change.

The Chandelier Piece in Room C of the Hearts4 Project Museum tour


Meet the Founder and Creator.

Hearts4 is powered by a diverse and dynamic team of freelancers, handpicked and working relationships nurtured by Sandro Tchikovani. Each member brings their unique skills and perspectives, contributing to our collaborative and innovative culture. We not only embrace the groundbreaking potential of blockchain technology but also have a deep appreciation for digital art. Our exceptional team of freelancers is vital to the fabric of Hearts4, as we drive the future of digital art with creative force.

Sandro Tchikovani posing in a mid century chair with the Hearts4 Cement Heart Sculpture



Why did you invent Hearts4?

I love watching art unfold. Being artistically productive has always captured my attention since I was young. Early visits to museums exposed me to art, architecture, and engineering sciences, creating childhood memories that now inspire me during artistic blocks. I enjoy being immersed in a project, channeling my soul and purpose.


Since losing my job in 2019, my focus has been on making art and being creative. Today, I need your help to make this dream a reality. But my dream is just the seed. I need your help to bring this seed to life in the real world. In return, I hope to touch your lives and utilize the abilities of those who know how to create but lack opportunities.


I want to create a concept that drives a movement, something iconic, recognizable, and familiar where brands and charities can come together. Imagine Legacy Luxury Brand + Award-Winning Impact Cause = Impact campaign, with Hearts4 as the invitation to make it happen.


My dream has always been to be an artist, learning from my father's examples of professionalism and fine arts. The life of an artist can be challenging, but I have been blessed with the skills and talent that have brought me to this point. However, it can still be difficult at times. But why? Because all I know is how to make art, and I love witnessing the beginning of something cool. The satisfaction of knowing I was able to create it is what fuels me.


I hope this message finds you all well. Join our community, purchase some NFTs, and help us turn this dream into a household name that rivals legendary artists and matches the influence of legacy brands and impactful organizations.

- Sandro Tchikovani -


We Are Hearts4: Just imagine what if

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